Haken - LIVE: The Garage, Glasgow 2015

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Between The Buried And Me's Coma Ecliptic Tour II
September 19 (19:15 - 20:30)
Capacity 750

Due to club nights at the Glasgow Garage, support bands tend to be on stage not long after doors open, which is sometimes a little hard on them crowd-wise. However there was a good group of enthusiasts who were at the front of the queue and made it into the venue in time to see the start of Haken's set this time.

For Haken this was the fourth night of a longer tour supporting Between The Buried And Me through Europe, and with only 45 minutes to play they wasted no time in getting going by opening with the instrumental Premonition from the Visions album. It's a good choice of opener as it builds nicely into quite a heavy piece, and is in a way a chance for both the band and audience to warm up for the rest of the set, and indeed evening. As soon as the musicians kick into second track In Memoriam singer Ross Jennings seemed to bound on stage more lively than the last time they played Scotland. His stage presence is getting better all the time, smiling, making connections with faces in the front row, and at points his leaps and jumps show plenty of energy as he works the crowd, making a good focal point for the band themselves. During In Memoriam he was joined up front by keyboardist Diego Tejeida who switched to over the shoulder keyboards (sometimes called a 'keytar') allowing something like a three-pronged guitar attack up the front of the stage.

It seemed they were picking a set to impress the headliners' audience, sticking to heavier pieces, and by the time they got to Cockroach King the venue had gotten quite a decent crowd in; without doubt they were certainly capturing and holding the attention of the people who were hearing and seeing them for the first time. During both the jazzy section and the multi vocal harmonics there was a good response with not only applause but smiles as well. Finishing with an epic 18 minute song from their EP released last year was brave, challenging the crowd musically as well as seeing how good their attention spans were. Crystallised managed to hold onto the audience with the quieter sections being respectfully listened to, and the heavier parts getting quite a lot of heads moving.

Without a doubt Haken won the interest of the majority of the people there and will surely have picked up many more fans on the evening. Also they improve each time not only as players (and they are excellent) but as a live entity. As a support they also did the job of warming the crowd up and getting them in the mood for the headliners. A good job very well done.

“ challenging the crowd musically ”

Setlist: Premonition / In Memoriam / Pareidolia / Cockroach King / Crystallised

Written by Tom Cornell
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