Lordi - LIVE: Islington Academy, London 2015

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Tour Force One
April 5 (21:15 - 22:40)
Capacity 800

Ever since the crucifixion, people have known not to book events on Easter Sunday in London. The inevitable transport chaos that goes hand-in-hand with long holiday weekends adversely effects attendance and sales without exception. But when the event in question is live performers like Lordi, a little extra effort is required.

And in principle Academy Events, who run the venue and were the promoters of the show, did their part by advertising a 18:00 door time, and 22:00 curfew. At least people with transport difficulties (usually around half the crowd) would have sufficient time to account for the extended journey times but still get home not a lot different to a normal 23:00 finish. That is, right up until the actual afternoon of the show, when they informed their Facebook community that they had foolishly pushed the whole night back by one hour, evidently not realising that it's this kind of complete disregard for the actual customers that causes people to stop buying tickets to shows. Many fans will have bought their tickets with the 22:00 finish in mind, while many others were inevitably left queueing for an extra hour outside the venue because they didn't know the time had been changed.

Eventually, probably under protest, Lordi's set was brought forward again by 20 minutes to 21:00, which at least gave most people in the 50% capacity crowd a chance of being able to travel home, and avoided the mass exodus from the venue which would have occurred before the end of their set otherwise - not that this latest change was publicised at all.

Drawing about the same number of people as their 2013 show at The Garage, Lordi naturally, and fortunately, did their part and put on their usual top-drawer performance. Much like label-mates U.D.O., who had played the same venue the previous night, Lordi put thought and effort into their setlists for each tour, changing several songs, fitting in new ones, and pulling rare ones out as well.

They did this again for Tour Force One, but in the process failed to give previous album To Beast Or Not To Beast the credit it deserved. Naturally from one album tour to the next, the extra tracks included from the previous album are dropped in favour of extra tracks from the new one, but To Beast Or Not To Beast was Lordi's best and most successful album since The Arockalypse, so it probably deserved to have one or two more songs survive the cull, particularly when stand-outs like Something Wicked This Way Comes and We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse) are dropped, but the weaker Sincerely With Love is kept purely for its "fuck you asshole" chorus.

But from the new album they made all the right selections. Scare Force One is a fairly even album in terms of quality, but opening with the pummelling Nailed By The Hammer of Frankenstein is an excellent choice. The new songs then permeate a string of hits, with Hell Sent In The Clowns working particularly well, and Scare Force One itself making an good encore opener. The rare b-side, of which Lordi like to include one per tour, was Don't Let My Mother Know - a fairly generic sound, but a treat for hard-core fans nonetheless - and the more unusual album cuts came in the shape of the title track from the Deadache album, and Not The Nicest Guy. There are too many solo spots - especially when most of them aren't actually solos, just goofing around - but most of Mr. Lordi's party pieces remain intact, with the addition of one new one for How To Slice A Whore which saw him go to work on an animatronic cadaver at the side of the stage, and the ever-impressive pneumatic bat wings during main set closer Devil Is A Loser.

It's a shame that the whole thing came under threat from poor organisation, because Lordi themselves are reliable as ever.

“ Lordi naturally, and fortunately, did their part ”

Setlist: Nailed By The Hammer of Frankenstein / This Is Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Hallelujah / Deadache / Hella's Kitchen / Hell Sent In The Clowns / Blood Red Sandman / Drum Solo / Give Your Life For Rock And Roll / Don't Let My Mother Know / Bass Solo / How To Slice A Whore / It Snows In Hell / The Riff / Sincerely With Love / Amen's Lament To Ra II / Not The Nicest Guy / Devil Is A Loser // Scare Force One / Who's Your Daddy? / Would You Love a Monsterman?

Photo(s): Andy Lye

Written by Andy Lye
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