Primordial – LIVE: Islington Academy, London 2015

Where Greater Men Have Fallen Tour
February 7 (20:20 - 21:55)
Capacity 800

It's been nearly three years since Primordial last played some headlining UK shows, but with a new album arriving in November, that's finally given Ireland's finest the chance with promoters to be booked again, and the intervening years seem to have served them well.

Once again paired with UK black metallers Winterfylleth, promoted this time from openers to special guests, plus the unlikely match of traditional metal outfit and label-mates Portrait and the more appropriate death/doom of Malthusian, they drew roughly one third more people than last time they played at the same venue behind the Redemption At The Puritan's Hand album, and since that one and new album Where Greater Men Have Fallen have both received similar critical praise, this difference can only be put down to a rightly deserved increase in popularity.

That may well have meant there were a lot of people at this show who had never seen Primordial before, and they should be hooked from now on after another outstanding performance from the band, and in particular live-wire front-man Alan Averill, who dominated from the front again, and sounded in even better voice than three years ago.

And this time the setlist was a little more logically structured, opening with the new album's actual opening track, Where Greater Men Have Fallen, and drawing a rapturous response by following it with Gods To The Godless, which had to be dropped last time due to early curfew restrictions imposed by the venue (which were also in force this time as well, with their usual Saturday evening club night due to take place afterwards). Otherwise the set followed a similar pattern to before; as many as five of the new disc's eight tracks - all of which work well in a live setting - two from the previous album retaining their places, Autumn's Ablaze and The Coffin Ships as the only pre-2007 songs. Primordial very much live in the present, which can mean certain albums get ignored, but it does make sure that their sets are almost entirely in the style their fans love the most, drawing no complaints.

Day jobs and other commitments prevent Primordial from touring more heavily or more regularly, which is a shame as the numbers behind them are starting to swell, but their comparative rarity makes their eventual shows that bit more special, and keeps the fans coming back every time. They never disappoint.

“ another outstanding performance ”

Setlist: Where Greater Men Have Fallen / Gods To The Godless / Babel's Tower / No Grave Deep Enough / Autumn's Ablaze / Ghosts of The Charnel House / As Rome Burns / The Alchemist's Head / Bloodied Yet Unbowed / The Coffin Ships / Wield Lightning To Split The Sun / Empire Falls

Written by Andy Lye
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