The Dead Daisies - LIVE: The Garage, London 2015

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Revolucion Tour
December 11 (21:30 - 23:00)
Capacity 600

With John Corabi at the helm, The Dead Daisies have become a much more prolific band. It took them no time at all to record their first album with the veteran vocalist, and their increased touring activity as a result has seen the other members commit to the band above higher profile gigs.

In particular, both guitarist Richard Fortus and bassist Marco Mendoza quit Black Star Riders to focus on a band which originally started out as a "collective" (code for a side project with a changeable line-up because the members have bigger pay cheques to worry about). Stints opening for KISS and Whitesnake around the world have given them a platform to book more of their own shows, and a very healthily-sized crowd turned out for them on a Friday night in December to nearly fill The Garage.

Two very uninspiring young support bands later (of which The Colour of Noise bettered promoters' darlings The Wild Lies by far), that crowd was desperate for some top drawer rock 'n' roll, which The Dead Daisies, with countless years and miles of genuine rocking between them, excel at.

This band is one of those occasions where seasoned musicians have come together to create something which drips with the class of its members, rather than a stale retreading like these projects sometimes deliver. Focusing rightly on excellent new album Revolucion they tore through its first three tracks before even taking a breath, Fortus with absolutely no concept of stage size as he whirled around like he was still playing arenas with Guns N' Roses, and Corabi nonchalantly occupying the front of the stage like it was no big deal.

Although they have two albums and an EP now, they are largely leaving the material recorded with previous singer Jon Stevens untouched in favour of several classic rock covers. The only track from the debut self-titled album to still feature in the set is lead single Lock 'n' Load, with the title track from the Face I Love EP making it into the encore. In truth it's not one of their best songs, and could be dropped as well, for something much stronger from the album. More or less all of the obvious choices from the new album feature, including their faithful cover of the awful Midnight Moses, and then they try to surprise with the non-album cover songs.

Many of them aren't that inspired, but are executed perfectly. The likes of Joe South's Hush (in Deep Purple's arrangement, naturally), Free's All Right Now, Helter Skelther from The Beatles, and a superb Fortunate Son, are pretty generic choices for a hard rock band. If they'd added Don't Stop Believin' and Paint It Black, no one would have been surprised. The one they did pull out though that was a bit more unusual was Aerosmith's Sick As A Dog, which Corabi challenged everyone to recall just before they started it.

The tired All Right Now aside, the predictability of the covers really didn't matter though. The way The Dead Daisies play made them all sound vital, especially Fortunate Son, and they only enhanced what was already a strong set.

If everyone continues to pull in the same direction and give this band the time and attention it deserves, they should be back very soon with more new material and shows in bigger venues. Sadly for the genre's future, but not for the people experiencing it today, this is a band who play rock 'n' roll like only seasoned exponents of the art know how.

“ something which drips with the class of its members ”

Setlist: Midnight Moses / Evil / Mexico / Get Up, Get Ready / Hush / Looking For The One / Sick As A Dog / Something I Said / Lock 'n' Load / All Right Now / Drum Solo / With You And I / Angel In Your Eyes / Devil Out of Time / Helter Skelter // Face I Love / Fortunate Son

Photo(s): Andy Lye

Written by Andy Lye
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