The Theater Equation - Rotterdam: September 19, 2015 setlist

Nieuwe Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam, Holland

Set Times
20:05 - 20:55 / 21:20 - 22:20


Day One: Vigil by Ayreon
Day Two: Isolation by Ayreon
Day Three: Pain by Ayreon
Day Four: Mystery by Ayreon
Day Five: Voices by Ayreon
Pain II
Day Six: Childhood by Ayreon
Day Seven: Hope by Ayreon
Day Eight: School by Ayreon
Childhood II
Day Nine: Playground by Ayreon
Day Ten: Memories by Ayreon
Pain III
Day Eleven: Love by Ayreon
Overture II
Day Twelve: Trauma by Ayreon
Day Thirteen: Sign by Ayreon
Day Fourteen: Pride by Ayreon
Vigil II
Day Fifteen: Betrayal by Ayreon
School II
Day Sixteen: Loser by Ayreon
Day Seventeen: Accident? by Ayreon
Pain IV
Day Eighteen: Realization by Ayreon
Trauma II
Day Nineteen: Disclosure by Ayreon
Day Twenty: Confrontation by Ayreon

James LaBrie - Me
Marcella Bovio - Wife
Jermain "Wudstik" van der Bogt - Best Friend
Heather Findlay - Love
Magnus Ekwall - Pride
Irene Jansen - Passion
Devon Graves - Agony
Eric Clayton - Reason
Anneke van Giersbergen - Fear
Mike Mills - Rage/Father
Peter Moltmaker - Doctor
Nienke Verboom - Nurse
Anite van der Hoeven - Mom

Ed Warby - drums
Marcel Coenen - guitar
Freek Gielen - guitar
Johan van Stratum - bass
Ruben Wijga - keyboards
Erik van Ittersum - keyboards
Jeroen Goossens - flute
Ben Mathot - violin
Maaike Peterse - cello

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