Avantasia - London: March 8, 2016 setlist

Ghostlights World Tour

The Forum, London, England

Set Times
19:55 - 23:00

Mystery of A Blood Red Rose (T)
Ghostlights (T, M)
Invoke The Machine (T, R)
Unchain The Light (T, R, M)
A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies (T, B)
The Great Mystery (T, B)
The Scarecrow (T, J)
Lucifer (T, J)
The Watchmakers' Dream (T,O)
What's Left of Me (T, E)
The Wicked Symphony (O, E, H, J, A)
Draconian Love (T, H)
Farewell (T, A, M)
Stargazers (M, J, O, R)
Shelter From The Rain (T, B, M)
The Story Ain't Over (T, B)
Let The Storm Descend Upon You (T, J)
Promised Land (T, J)
Reach Out For The Light (T, M)
Avantasia (T, M)
Twisted Mind (E, R)
Dying For An Angel (T, E)

Lost In Space (T)
Sign of The Cross / The Seven Angels (T, M, R, J, E, B)

Tobias Sammet - lead vocals (T)
Oliver Hartmann - guitar/lead vocals (O)
Sascha Paeth - guitar
Andre Neygenfind - bass
Felix Bohnke - drums
Miro Rodenberg - keyboards
Amanda Somerville - backing vocals/lead vocals (A)
Herbie Langhans - backing vocals/lead vocals (H)
Michael Kiske - lead vocals (M)
Bob Catley - lead vocals (B)
Jorn Lande - lead vocals (J)
Ronnie Atkins - lead vocals (R)
Eric Martin - lead vocals (E)

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