Buckcherry - LIVE: Wembley Arena, London 2016

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Supporting Steel Panther
October 15 (19:00 - 19:35)
Capacity 12,000

In support of their latest effort Rock N Roll and celebrating the tenth anniversary of their platinum record 15, hard rock veterans Buckcherry return to UK soil for the first time in over two years.

Amongst an oddly-themed line-up of hard rock, pop punk (Bowling For Soup) and comedy metal (Steel Panther), and facing a crowd that had barely had the chance to arrive for the early stage time of 7pm, Buckcherry's entrance onto the Wembley stage was all a little uncomfortable. Whilst opening with Sunshine, possibly one of their lesser known tracks from 2006's 15, the entirety of the band spent the first four minutes of the set with their feet rooted to the ground and just looking a little out of place. Although in terms of performance the band is tight and without mistakes, the all of them, and particularly infamous vocalist Joshua Todd, failed to make use of the space and opportunity that the Wembley Arena stage had to offer.

Throughout the set Buckcherry's technical ability and musical performance was close to perfect, and its easy to see how the band became one of the fastest rising rock bands to come from the early 2000s rock scene. Unfortunately, the uneasiness continued through Ridin', Gluttony, and Out of Line, with Todd awkwardly strutting around the same five feet of stage and barely interacting with the audience at all. With the addition of guitarist Stevie D's continuous technical problems involving his guitars, what could have been one of Buckcherry's finest performances quickly became a forgettable one.

However despite the lack of morale and stage presence for the majority of the set, the crowd soon started to filter in for the remaining bands and it is during fan favourite Lit Up, that they started to resemble the band in their usual glory. Finally opening up across the stage, jumping off the drum kit and providing that boost of energy that instantly improves any live performance, they gave just a glimpse into the attitude they normally have, of a band who would be just as comfortable headlining the night. Into their 2014 EP cover of Icona Pop's Say Fuck It, and closing the set with the notorious Crazy Bitch, its fair to say the band who closed the set were the complete opposite of the band who started it. Finally talking to the audience, encouraging crowd vocals and interacting with one another on stage, Buckcherry become a band that breath life on to the stage in the cool and yet still passionate style that has got them through the past 15 years.

Although this was a performance which for the most part lacked energy, crowd interaction and any sort of stage presence, Buckcherry still played more or less flawlessly over their 35 minutes and did eventually fall into their old routine of excellence. They just clearly didn't relish playing to a mostly empty room.

“ failed to make use of the space and opportunity ”

Setlist: Sunshine / Ridin' / Gluttony / Out of Line / Lit Up / Say Fuck It / Crazy Bitch

Written by Ellis Davis
More: 2016, Gigs, Hard/Heavy Rock,

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