Inglorious - LIVE: The Caves, Edinburgh 2016

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Album Launch Tour
February 28 (21:10 - 22:25)
Capacity 500

On a cold Sunday night in February Edinburgh was treated to an excellent three band bill thanks to the arrival of a new British band called Inglorious featuring Nathan James, who has worked with and indeed shared stages with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ex-Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth.

A very healthy crowd turned out at The Caves, an underground cavern in what is supposedly one of the most haunted parts of Edinburgh, to show support for all three bands tonight. Both support bands deserve strong mention as they were very good indeed. Both went down well with the crowd whilst being very different from each other. King Lot are a local band to Edinburgh who really excel at choruses. They come over at times like Gun although by no means a clone of them, however like Gun every song has a big catchy chorus which is a skill and ability of its own. The other band is named after the guitarist Ali Clinton. They are three young lads with a great deal of talent. They cross '70s blues rock with a '90s edge (bringing Soundgarden to mind). They are also fun to watch, with drummer Richard Kirk having more facial expressions than most web sites have emojis. He also has a lovely feel with some improvisation going on between all of the band.

With only one album under their belt Inglorious naturally drew from most of it, with a few choice, and in one case very interesting, covers. Opening with the first couple of tracks from the album (Until I Die and Breakaway) worked well and got the audience's attention immediately. From the solid riff and the groove, the vibe was classic '70s rock style. And of course very quickly it was easy to tell what a powerful voice James has, and how tight the band is. It seemed many of the crowd had the album already, from the reactions and the noise singing at the appropriate moments. Not about to let their fun side be overlooked, there was some fun with mike stands, firstly when Nathan's fell apart leading to references and poses dedicated to the late great Freddie Mercury, and when Andreas got so into his intro to Holy Water that he forgot where the stand was and collided with it. All of course causing laughter between band and crowd.

The first cover of the night was Rainbow's I Surrender, which was done with great aplomb and showed that Nathan would have been a great choice for Blackmore's Rainbow shows in the summer if he had been given the gig. The band are not just about the singer though, as guitarist Andreas Eriksson shines nicely on tracks High Flying Gypsy, Bleed For You and Holy Water especially. The band sound even better when they take it down a little, like the brooding intense and powerful self-titled song Inglorious.

The other covers included Toto's Girl Goodbye, which was a terrific choice as it gave everyone a chance to hear the band's vocal harmonies extremely well - hopefully as they continue onto the next album they can explore that avenue a bit more. Later they offered a choice between two bands, either Whitesnake or Deep Purple, and although it sounding more like Purple that was being shouted for the loudest, they did Fool For Your Loving with the trademark "'ere's a song for ya" opening. Nathan apologised that he was suffering with a "lurgy," which may explain why he went for the choice he did, but despite that he still hit high notes with great regularity making us wonder just how many he could do if 100% fit.

“ what a powerful voice James has ”

Setlist: Until I Die / Breakaway / I Surrender / High Flying Gypsy / Bleed For You / Warning / Inglorious / Girl Goodbye / Holy Water / Fool For Your Loving / Girl Got A Gun / Unaware

Written by Tom Cornell
More: 2016, Gigs, Hard/Heavy Rock,

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