Bad Touch - LIVE: Bannerman's Bar, Edinburgh 2018

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Shake A Leg Tour
October 20 (21:50 - 23:05)
Capacity 170

Bad Touch came to Edinburgh's Bannerman's Bar as part of the tour promoting their new album called Shake A Leg, playing no fewer than ten of the 13 songs from it in their current setlist. The album has a very live feel about it, full of energy and groove, so it is easy to see why all the songs seem to sound like old songs on stage.

Main support on the night was Aaron Buchanan. His band, The Cult Classics, are musically tight, but with a front-man who has an arrogance about him and is a showman, making them an entertaining watch too. At one point lead man started moonwalking across the ceiling of the venue whilst upside down and held by the audience. He didn't stay up for long and it ended up a bit chaotic but it was fun nonetheless, and no one else does that. He has the moves and voice for sure, but the songs are not as memorable or infectious as the headliners'. The band also got in on the entertaining, with three up front doing some Iron Maiden, as well as throwing in some Police and The Knack material and getting the crowd singing along. If they can write songs to match up to their stage craft then they should be a quite an outfit.

Bad Touch open with three new songs, showing how much confidence they have in the album, and all three were greeted like old favourites. The reception was excellent and many of the crowd were singing along loudly to all the choruses. Show Me What It Means proved to be a real foot-stomper with plenty of groove and energy, and Movin' On Up had a touch of Led Zeppelin at the start before hitting a chorus that everyone seemed to know. There was also quite a bit of dancing going on in the audience by this point. Their music may not be totally original, but they have such swagger about them it feels fresh and energised. It was hard for anyone not to get caught up with either head bopping or foot tapping.

The older songs played are pretty decent too, with both Good On Me - which segued into ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man very easily and effectively - and closing track 99% being the best of those. It is credit to the band that the highlights on the whole were the new songs, showing that they are improving as writers and arrangers. The other thing that has improved is the stage craft. Singer Stevie Westwood, who has a great voice full of soul, seems to be more active and relaxed on stage now. There was definitely more movement than on the previous tours. Even a problem with mics during My Mother Told Me was handled nicely with some humour without missing a beat.

Skyman is another song which they merged into another, this time Whitesnake's Still Of The Night. As a song this is one of the heavier tracks in their repertoire with a short but tasteful solo and shows a more punchier style. Their best track, and one from the new album Shake A Leg, was part of the encore. Dressed To Kill is an absolute belter live, even better than the recorded version. A few years ago this could have been a massive hit. It has the that old 1970s classic rocking blues thing about it. It also allows space for Stevie to flex his muscles vocally with gaps between the riffs. Going by the audience reaction this will be a fans favourite for years to come, and the band are still growing.

Setlist: Show Me What It Means / Lift Your Head / Movin' On Up / Good On Me/Sharp Dressed Man / Hammer Falls / Tussle / Take Me Away / Take Your Time / My Mother Told Me / Skyman/Still of The Night / Believe In Me / Outlaw // Down / Dressed To Kill / 99%

Written by Tom Cornell
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