The New Roses - LIVE: Bannerman's, Edinburgh 2018

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One More For The Road Tour
February 9 (21:30 – 22:50)
Capacity 175

German band The New Roses came to Scotland for the first time to play Edinburgh at Bannerman's Bar. A decent size crowd turned up for a band that really isn't that well known in the UK yet, but there were definitely a good number of them who did so off the back of the band's two internationally released albums, going by the response to some of the songs. But at the same time those who were there because they were curious to see a new band with a strong reputation, also reacted with great enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm was bolstered by a band firing on all cylinders. With some very fine songs, catchy choruses and a huge amount of "oomph", they worked the crowd superbly. They have a glam or sleaze feel at times, but the most noticeable thing is a real southern hard rock vibe. Frontman Timmy Rough, taking his que from Lemmy opened up by simply declaring "we play rock 'n' roll music," before throwing themselves into opening song Every Wildheart. The immediacy of the crowd joining in with clapping and foot stamping was amazing for what is a relatively new or less well known outfit. There was a real warmth between the band and audience and in the best traditions of rock, each fed off the other as the night wore on.

During the set Timmy explained that he had been in Edinburgh before, celebrating Hogmanay and had an absolute ball. Later he referred to that visit by saying that if it hadn't been written before that trip, then Whiskey Nightmare would have been afterwards. Being in Scotland of course, someone in the audience rushed to the bar and bought him a whiskey, which he downed in one go on stage, before quipping "has it got warmer in here?"

Guitarist Norman Bites later showed his prowess by having a solo spot which fused both classical and blues with rock. It was quite a nicely worked solo, where so many guitarists do solos which are either just shredding or screeching with lots of feedback, this was a pleasant change to hear a well put together thoughtful one. 2nd 1st Time had an air of John Mellencamp about it, where Rough's husky vocal was particularly good, and the audience played their part on quite a few tracks, most noticeably with the repeated title line of It's A Long Way, the impressive mass sing along of One More For The Road, and the clapping, dancing and singing with the chorus of Life Aint Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair) - even more fun live than the recorded version.

There is no doubt that The New Roses are a quality band with the talent to go all the way to the top. They were simply terrific in Bannerman’s Bar and the amount of good feedback about the show in the bar area afterwards and also on social media speaks volumes. It may be a case of get out and see them in intimate venues now, or have to wait and see them in bigger halls. From this performance there is no doubt they will tear those places up too, and are already getting recognition on the festival stages of Europe.

Setlist: Every Wildheart / Forever Never Comes / Dancing On A Razorblade / For A While / 2nd 1st Time / It's A Long Way / Whiskey Nightmare / Life Aint Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair) / Gimme Your Love / Devil's Toy / One More For The Road / Thirsty / Without A Trace / My Own Worst Enemy / Old Time Rock And Roll

Written by Tom Cornell
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