Becoming the Archetype – Children of the great extinction (2022) Review

Becoming the Archetype are back with an epic new full album after a 10 year hiatus! BTA were at the forefront of the Christian Metal scene in the mid-2000’s with legendary albums Dichotomy (2008), Celestial Completion (2011) and I Am (2012).

Now after a 10-year break they return with their 6th studio album – Children of the Great Extinction, released on Solid State Records.

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“Children of the Great Extinction” is the sixth studio album by the American Christian metal band Becoming the Archetype. It was released on November 22, 2011, and features 10 tracks that showcase the band’s technical prowess and their blend of different metal sub-genres.

The album opens with “The Ocean Walker,” a thunderous track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song features crushing riffs, soaring vocals, and complex drumming patterns that will satisfy any metalhead’s appetite. The following track, “The Time Bender,” showcases the band’s prog-metal influences with its intricate guitar work and shifting time signatures.

One of the highlights of the album is the song “Autopsy,” which features guest vocals from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. The track is a punishing slab of death metal that will leave listeners in awe of the band’s ability to seamlessly incorporate different metal styles into their music.

Another standout track is “Cardiac Rebellion,” which features catchy hooks, crushing breakdowns, and a memorable chorus that will have fans screaming along. The song also features a memorable guitar solo that adds to the overall intensity of the track.

The album closes with “The War Ender,” a seven-minute epic that showcases the band’s ability to write sprawling, ambitious metal songs. The track features multiple tempo changes, intricate guitar work, and a powerful vocal performance that will leave listeners breathless.

Overall, “Children of the Great Extinction” is a fantastic album that showcases Becoming the Archetype’s technical prowess and their ability to blend different metal sub-genres into their music. Fans of heavy, complex music will find a lot to love in this album, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Becoming The Archetype Lineup 2022: From left Seth Hecox (Guitar/keyboard/vocals(, Brent “Duck” Ducket (Drums), Jason Wisdom (Bass/Vocals)

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